• Reserved students are given priority in enrollment.
  • Enrollment will be online, visit this link.
  • Attach documentary requirements for enrollment.
  • Choose uniform size.

Senior High School Requirements

For Reservation:

  • Original copy of PSA  birth certificate
  • Photocopy of current school ID
  • Photocopy of NCAE Result
  • Admission application form

For Enrollment:

  • Original copy of Form 137 (Grade 10 Junior High School report card or its equivalent)
  • Certificate of Completion of Junior High School
  • Enrollment application form

Financial Assistance Program

FIRST School Student Grant (FSSG) Online Application

Who can apply:

1. Any Filipino student who comes from an indigent family
2. A graduate of Junior High School or Alternative Learning System (ALS)

Application Procedure:

Please note that application for financial aid has to be done along with the application for admission. A student cannot apply for financial aid if he/she has not first applied for admission online.

1. The application form will be sent through email by request.
2. The applicant or his/her parents/guardian should accomplish this form carefully and completely, answering all questions. No item should be left blank. (Type NA if the question is Not Applicable.)
3. The accomplished application form with the attached requirements should be successfully submitted thru google form.
4. Only applications with complete requirements will be processed.
5. There will be a scheduled interview via phone call.
6. The results of the qualifying interview and second level screening will then be communicated to the applicants.


Please note that all pictures must be ready before accessing the application form as these will be required as attachments.

1. Letter from parents or guardian clearly describing the family’s financial situation and justifying
the need for financial aid.
2. Clear photos of the parents’ latest Pay Slip or Certificate of Indigency
3. Photos of the following latest Utility Bills: Electricity, Water, Telephone/Internet
4. Photos of your family’s residence (showing the full view of the whole house, kitchen and bedrooms)
5. For proprietors of micro-businesses (e.g. sari-sari stores, carinderia, print shops, etc.) a photo of the front or operating area of the business.

FIRST School accepts DepED vouchers issued to public schools and other qualified Grade 10 completers.


FIRST School awards scholarships based on merit and financial needs. Eligible students will be informed after submission of application forms.

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